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Thank you to everyone who responded with answers to August’s Rules Quiz. Below are the answers with explanations and Rule references.

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Q1. After a short search looking for Player A’s ball, she declares it as “Lost” and goes to play her provisional ball. Before making a stroke at the provisional and within the three minutes search time, Player B finds Player A’s original ball. Which ball is now Player A’s ball in play?

A.    Original Ball
B.    Provisional Ball
C.    Another ball they need to hit from the Teeing Area

Definitions; ‘Lost’ - Interpretation Lost/1 - Ball May Not Be Declared Lost. A player may not make a ball lost by a declaration. A ball is lost only when it has not been found within three minutes after the player or his or her caddie or partner begins to search for it.

Rule 18.2a – Your ball is lost if not found in three minutes after you or your caddie begins to search for it.

NB. ‘You’ can choose not to look for it. But if someone else looks and finds it within three minutes. It’s found!


Q2. Searching for Player A’s ball in Match Play, Player B finds a ball, marks it and turns it over to check if it is Player A’s ball. It is, so Player B places it back in its original position. What is the ruling?

A.    A gets a one shot penalty
B.    B gets a one shot penalty
C.    Neither player gets a penalty

Rule 9.5b - If the opponent lifts or deliberately touches the player’s ball at rest (in Match Play) or causes it to move, the opponent gets one penalty strokeExcept, when conceding a stroke or the hole, or at the player’s request when taking relief. See rule for other exceptions.

NB There is no penalty in Stroke Play (see Rule 9.6), but you still need the player’s permission (Rule 14.1b).


Q3. Playing our 3rd Hole, a player’s tee shot is in play, but the gate in the Out of Bounds wall to the Practice Area is stopping them from making a full stroke. He opens the gate to allow a full stroke, which then finishes in the fairway. How many strokes have they now had?

A.    Two
B.    Three (2 strokes + 1 shot penalty)
C.    Four (2 strokes + 2 shot penalty)

The gate can be opened without penalty.

Definitions; ‘Boundary Object’ - Interpretation Boundary Object/2 – Status of Gate Attached to Boundary Object. A gate for getting through a boundary wall or fence is not part of the boundary object. Such a gate is an obstruction unless the Committee chooses to define it as an integral object (which @CDGC we haven’t).



Want To Know More?

It’s a responsibility of each player to learn and know the rules basics and implement them to protect the field.

To increase your knowledge of the rules, visit the below links to find out more.




In order to look after the rest of the Competition Field, a player is expected to play in the spirit of the game by following the Rules, applying all penalties and being honest in all aspects of play – Rule 1.2.