How Well Did You Do This Month?


Thank you to everyone who responded with answers to July’s Rules Quiz. Below are the answers with explanations and Rules references.

All correct answers were drawn out to win a sleeve of golf balls and this month’s Prize Draw Winner is:

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Q1. When it is known or virtually certain that a player’s ball is in a Red Penalty Area, how many relief options can the player choose from?

A.     Two
B.    Three
C.     Four

Rule 17.1d - Stroke-and-distance relief, Back-on-the-line, Lateral.

NB Yellow Penalty Areas have two options. Easy tip to remember is that ‘Red’ has three letters!! 😊


Q2. In match play, a player in the General Area, accidently moves their ball during their practice stroke and places it back to its original position before making their stroke. Their opponent sees this and applies the correct penalty, which is:

A.    One stroke penalty
B.     Two stroke penalty
C.     Loss of hole

Rule 9.4b - If you lift or deliberately touch your ball at rest or cause it to move, you get one penalty stroke.

NB If you don’t replace your ball, it is loss of hole in Match Play (Two penalty strokes in Stroke Play or disqualification if a Serious Breach!!).


Q3. In stroke play, a player’s ball stops at the back of our 1st green, just short of the post and chain fence and in the General Area. The player lifts the post from the ground to provide them with a backswing and plays the ball, returning the post to its original position after their stroke. The result is:

A.     No penalty
B.    Two stroke penalty
C.     Disqualification

Rule 8.1a - Exception the limited ways allowed in Rules 8.1bc and d, you must not take any of these actions if they improve the conditions affecting your stroke:

Move, bend or break any growing or attached natural object, or immovable obstruction, integral object or boundary object, or tee-marker for the teeing area when playing a ball from that teeing area.

NB As the white post and rail behind the first tee is OOB, it’s therefore a ‘Boundary Object’, so must not be moved to improve your stroke.


Want To Know More?

It’s a responsibility of each player to learn and know the rules basics and implement them to protect the field.

To increase your knowledge of the rules, visit the below links to find out more.




In order to look after the rest of the Competition Field, a player is expected to play in the spirit of the game by following the Rules, applying all penalties and being honest in all aspects of play – Rule 1.2.