Planned Projects During Winter 2022/3


Even though Cleckheaton Golf Club was designed by the world-famous course curator Alister Mackenzie, we still make minor adjustments to ensure we continue to receive positive feedback from Members and Visitors and maintain our status as a great Yorkshire and Bradford Golf Course.

Below is an update on the plans we’re making for the coming winter period and provide some detail and explanation on upcoming maintenance and project works.

The Greens remain a focus, with Scarifying and Overseeding which is now the norm taking place during September.

Further Tee levelling works will be undertaken during the coming period, with the 17th being this year’s Tee selected. We intend to not only level, but widen, slightly lengthen and increase the tee’s height.

Maintenance works on bunkers will continue with rebuilding and edging works. We are also planning on three new bunkers. Two on the left up the 1st and one on the right up the 11th. Both will be about 260 yards and the work is planned to start Sept/Oct. These bunkers are projects targeted at enhancing the general course layout.

Over the course of the next few months some small alterations to fairway shapes will be introduced to widen some sections and hopefully develop the definition that we`ve been working towards.

Fairway drainage works will start during Sept/Oct with the 14th, 3rd and 1st holes respectively being the priority. Further holes will be decided on in due course.

This year we have decided to complete some essential drainage works to the 4th Green along with some alterations to the green size and shape. We intend to re-lay the whole green on a carpet of gravel and sand, which will form the drainage and provide a long-term solution to our ongoing drainage issues. In addition, and as part of our ongoing course development strategy, we intend to recreate the original Mackenzie sloped two-tier green.

We have also increased staff numbers from three to five with the addition of two new apprentices who attend college locally. The development of our staff is also important and members of the team will be going through training to ensure they are the best they can be at what they do.

Also, the seasonal workers and volunteers have played an important part in the summer works and developments and the impact on many areas around the course is fantastic. I would personally along with the Greens Committee and Council like to thank you for all the good work done and hard work undertaken.

Should anyone have any questions about any of the above or indeed about anything else please feel free to either email or call me, I am more than happy to chat about the works we have planned.

David Woodcock
Chairman of Greens