1. Competition Rules

a. Players must enter the competition in the Professional’s Shop via the terminal and obtain a scorecard.

b. Please ensure your scorecard is completed and return it to the Committee by the end of competition day via the drop box between the 19th and 20th. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. Once entered into the drop box the card is deemed to be returned to the Committee and the card cannot be retrieved or amended. All competition cards must be returned to the Committee even if the score is entered on the App, or if it is an N/R due to injury.

c. Players must ensure their scores are entered into the Clubhouse computer or via the App by the end of the competition day. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

d. Any General Play / Handicap cards need to be returned to the Professional’s Shop and NOT via the drop box (it is useful to take a photo of the card on your phone until it is processed). If you have used the App to enter your score and it has been verified electronically by your playing partner, you do NOT need to return your card.

e. Players must ensure their score is recorded for each hole, even in the event of a nil return. Please ensure when entering nil return that you select the correct option – No Score at Hole.

f. Scorecards must be signed by both the Marker and Player. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the competition – electronic signatures on the app are acceptable BUT please help your committee and sign the card as well.

g. Full details of each competition will be advised in advance and can be obtained on request.

h. Competitions in which ladies and gents may enter, the V1 & WHS systems will apply an appropriate course rating and playing handicap adjustment. If a manual adjustment is required e.g. Mixed Greensomes, then the Golf Committee will endeavor to arrange this before play but reserves the right to undertake it post play.

i. Failure to comply/ consistent breach of the general competition rules may result in sanctions being considered.


Tuesday Competitions
a. Ladies and gents may enter.
b. In the event of gents entering the day’s competition, a separate gents’ division will be created.
c. Gents cannot enter in Lady Captain’s Day and cannot win ladies’ honours board trophies.

Wednesday Midweek Medal & Stableford Competitions
a. Ladies and gents may enter.
b. Ladies scores to be merged into the two divisions. (Div1: up to and including PH15, Div2: PH16 and above).
c. The division winners & the ladies’ best score will qualify for the Donald Woodcock Trophy final.

Saturday Competitions
a. Ladies and gents may enter.
b. The three divisions are: Div1: up to and including PH 10, Div2: PH 11 to 18, Div3: PH 19 and above.
c. Ladies’ scores to be merged into the three divisions.
d. Ladies cannot enter Captain’s or President’s Day and cannot win gents’ honours board trophies (with the exception of winter league).
e. Where entry is permitted, ladies are eligible to win prize vouchers.

Sunday Medal & Stableford Competitions
a. Ladies and gents may enter.
b. Ladies scores to be merged into the two divisions. (Div1: up to and including PH 15, Div2: PH 16 and above.)


a. All players have equal responsibility in arranging suitable dates. Players must check course availability via BRS or the Professional. Players are able to book a time ahead of normal booking availability via the Professional.

b. If a mutually convenient date cannot be agreed, the player/team on the first tee at 6pm on the final ‘play by date’ will go through.

c. Both players/teams will be disqualified if the tie is not decided by the ‘play by date’.

d. Discontinuance of play; as per rules of golf.

e. It is the responsibility of the winner to enter the result of the match in the V1 system.

f. All queries regarding ‘play by dates’ should be directed to the Handicaps & Competitions Committee Chairperson, or in their absence, the Club Captain.

g. No extensions to ‘play by dates’ will be allowed.


a. When booking to play in a competition you are making a commitment to play and to your playing partners. Circumstances change, so if you must remove yourself from the booking, please be aware of how this affects your playing partners. A phone call to them may help, as would an early decision. This is particularly relevant in Team/Pairs competitions when someone may be left unable to compete or two players stuck in the middle of two four-balls.

b. When booking into a Saturday competition you have until 5.30 on Friday to scratch, otherwise you will be charged the entry fee. PLEASE try to scratch as early as possible during the week.
Repeated late cancellation may result in further sanctions.

c. On the day, once you have entered a ‘qualifying’ competition, you MUST return a score for WHS purposes, unless you have an illness/injury/emergency or the competition is cancelled.

d. If you are injured etc please mark your card accordingly as ‘Injured’ and return it as normal. Input your scores into the system using the option ‘Did Not Play’ for holes after you ceased playing due to your injury.

e. White Tees are competition ONLY i.e. designated White Tee Competitions, be they monthly Medal/Stableford or KO’s. Any other use of the White Tees is not allowed unless permission is expressly given by the Captain, for example in an Inter Club competition.

These rules are not definitive but are prepared to try and help everyone to get the best experience from their golf.